Patrick – October 4, 2018

October 24, 2019 matteyfamilylaw 0 Comments

Outstanding, Affordable Family Law Advocate

I came to Gail with my high-conflict divorce case needing to file a highly complex and emotionally-taxing motion to change child support as the non-custodial parent. 10-years into my nearly constant, post-divorce battle with my ex regarding child support amount and adjustment disputes; motion/counter-motion, I had little hope and even less money with which to file my latest motion. Right away in our initial meeting she not only listened to me but I was amazed and happily surprised at how quickly she got up to speed with the background of my case – even laying out the basic strategy elements of how she would approach, complete, file and defend my particular motion for the best chance at getting a positive result. I could also tell she actually cared about my outcome and that, combined with her 7-years of direct experience working under several judges/referees within the Hennepin County Family Court system, as well as her being sensitive to costs (I’m not rich) and willing to allow me some flexibility on that, convinced me to hire her. With no prior experience on my case, and with only a (long) day’s worth of work, we worked collaboratively on it together and by the end of it I had a solid motion – and some regained hope – with which to go back to court. At my hearing, Gail did an amazing job presenting and defending my motion; efficiently and effectively highlighting the important points of what I needed changed and why…even the judge commented on and thanked her for submitting a well-written motion that helped her quickly discern and deal with the facts and circumstances with my motion. After expecting another disappointing day at the FJC, I could’t believe that the judge actually ruled on it that day – and mostly in my favor. I’m convinced it wouldn’t have happened that way had I been with any of the several attorneys I’ve hired for these types of matters in the past. I sincerely and highly recommend Gail for any family law issues you have to deal with in Hennepin County and will definitely depend on her unique combination of legal talent and Hennepin County family court system-specific experience with any future motions I need to file.