Matt – July 27, 2018

October 24, 2019 matteyfamilylaw 0 Comments

Changed Life with my Daughter!

I had been through two separate lawyers before hiring Gail. The two past lawyers always had assistants calling about the case and writing the proposals. We never got passed mediation and I did all the talking in the mediation room. Working with Gail I received everything I was originally denied in mediation over 18 months ago without even going to mediation or court! Gail was very hands on and did all the work; research, communication with opposing representation, writing proposals/stipulations, and always calling me to clarify information regarding the case. I highly recommend Gail to anyone seeking to rectify family matters in court. As I guy who felt the system was failing him, Gail turned everything around for me! The process took less than 6 weeks. Thanks Gail!